Allen Sports Xway Aluminum 20-Speed Folding Bike Review


Allen Sports Xway Aluminum 20-Speed Folding Bike Review

The Allen Sports XWay is a lot more high-end bicycle by Allen Sports and is worth every penny. Given the performance of the bike, it is absolutely a good choice for those who are looking for something spectacular with great features and are willing to pay a little more for it.

This bike has a design that can make you awe at it right when you look at it first. It has seemingly convinced many pro-cyclists that folding bicycles can be a lot more than mere fancy bikes that are not long lasting. XWay is a lightweight bike compared to the hefty features it boasts. With the good looks the bike is smaller but a lot more compact.

Its 451 mm wheels are what distinguish XWay from the other folding bikes. The change may not be too significant but it is sure worth noticing the performance so outstanding with a little difference that follows. These wheels are surely responsible for performing more for they seem to be thinner as well as narrow, making them swift and easy for maneuverability. They are a lot more responsive and have been tested to prove in the same regard. It is an amazing experience to ride this bike and shift gears with great comfort.

The Sram X9 10-speed rear derailleur, alongside the Shimano 2-speed front derailleur, is additional to the bike’s performance-oriented features. The bike can handle the moderate hills with great ease. It can work well in the city but for country rides, the bike has proven to be an amazing asset.

The bike can easily be folded in as less than 15, or even 10, seconds if you know what you are doing. There is also an adjustable handlebar and its height which makes it for a more comfortable ride around.