Best Bike Helmets To Buy In US


A primary concern for all the cyclists should be basic safety. This makes the right safety equipment a necessary addition. Gone are the days of large helmets that were the shape of a mushroom. There are now amazing helmets that are hip and trendy. With so many to choose from, it may be confusing for the riders.

Here’s a guide to picking out the helmet that are top-notch in design and stylish:

  1. Giro Revel Bike Helmet

The design of Giro Revel is quite a catchy sight and has become a modern day favorite. This helmet is a great choice for riding just about anywhere, be it a hilly area or a ride in the city. It is a great choice - thanks to its ventilation and cool design. It has been designed in coordination with Giro’s in-mold structure which has an outer frame to become an impact-absorbing EPS. These helmets are lightweight with ‘exoskeleton’; they are very durable as well and provide better ventilation. With 22 vents within the helmet, riders can ride comfortably by getting cool air around the scalp. There’s also a snap-fit visor that comes incorporated in this helmet to shield the eyes from the sun.

This helmet is very stylish and has a good performance overall. It is an affordable deal to make for any casual rider as this is the most comfortable of all the helmets around.

  1. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

This may be super expensive but is surely worth the money. The unique design and material makes it quite an outstanding helmet. The helmet boasts a matte finish rather than a mere glossy one which gives it a classy look.

The helmet consists of an in-mold construction with an adjustable Roc Loc 5 fit as well as a stability system. To make it a perfect fit, there is a click-wheel on the back and a chinstrap. Although the helmet may seem large, it is quite light-weight. There are also 25 tunnel vents for the air to reach the scalp easily and to let it dry off quickly. Out of all the high-end helmets available, this has quite an acceptable price in comparison, so go for it.

  1. Giro Reverb Bike Helmet

Giro is certainly a favorite of many and that is the reason why this is the 3rd one in the list. They have quite a number of stylish helmets to begin with and the color combinations are nice too. The glossy ones are prone to get fingerprints so the ones with a matte finish are a great buy. Choose the right color you want to match your bike and you are good to go.

With a self-adjusting system, this is a great helmet as it hides the dial on the back. There are 3 holes on the front sides of the helmet so that you can snap the frame right into those holes to fit your head. With an elastic band at the back, it snugs in easily. It has 9 vents to help your scalp get the air you need and a unique removable cycling cap-style visor.

  1. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

The Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet provides for a risk-free cycling experience. With 21 bundles stream vents, the helmet is a winner and super cozy in all kinds of weather. It keeps your head dry. The helmet has an easy-to-adjust webbing to make it a perfect fit. There is also a smart built-in visor to provide you with the shade you need while riding.

This helmet has a dial fit system which makes it user-friendly. Although there is a mention of Micro in its title, you must not be fooled as fits easily. Visor helps to shade you from the sun and the 21 vents provide you with the necessary ventilation you need. Ride out in the sunlight all you want with the visor and vents helping you throughout the journey. The Schwinn Thrasher is a good buy considering the quality components it’s made out of and at a price easily affordable by all.

  1. Protec Classic Helmet

This is one of those classic choices that bike riders have been using for years. They have style, comfort and the protection that is necessary. These helmets are quite lightweight but they are also incorporated with an ABS cover and two-stage shells to provide you with better protection. There are various sizes that you can choose from.

It has that classic feel and look that will live for a long, long time. Even if you are a pro at riding, you will need a helmet for covering your head. It should be the first priority when skateboarding or riding a bicycle. It is the most important factor to be considered.

What else does the Protec Classic helmet boasts? Let’s find out here:

  • A vintage bicycle helmet with aero styled ABS and two-folds of liner.
  • Rivets made out of stainless steel.
  • ASTM skate standards Certified, therefore it meets all standards.
  • Webbed strap is made out of soft nylon

It is surely a good buy as it provides great safety with a classic look and the best part: it comes at an affordable price.

  1. Bell Sports Solar Cycling Helmet

The Bell Sports Solar cycling helmet has a very trendy design to begin with and 23 vents to keep you cool when you are riding outside. The In-mold construction and ErgoDial Fit system are also intact.

The size of this helmet will fit normal head as it is adjustable in between 21.25 inches to 24 inches. There are Cam-lock levers in the helmet to provide a quick strap adjustment. It is a very good helmet to own for various purposes like cruise riding as well as touring or even for recreational purposes. There are 23 large vents for an adequate amount of airflow. This is surely very lightweight and super comfortable helmet at an affordable price.

  1. Giro Rift Bike Helmet

The Giro Rift bike helmet is amongst the most preferred helmet for cyclists who require comfort as well good looks and affordability. With the application of Giro’s in-mold with an impact-absorbing EPS liner, there are 24 vents available for the regular airflow to make ventilation easy.

The helmet is surely a versatile choice to make for Giro is indeed a provider of some amazing headgear. It is a very smart choice when it comes to looks, color and a design. It would fit the sporty or luxury profile of your bike perfectly and you will certainly not regret having this. A long ride to reach just about anywhere with this helmet will become far more comfortable when you wear this.

There are 24 grills intact which aids in the process of shifting oxygen right into the helmet. A good temperature is maintained as a result. The Acu Dial System is also a good addition to keep security measures intact when need be with the help of a switch that adjusts pressure. The In-Mold Development is good for providing the helmet with the strength it needs. Once you have it on, you can easily adjust the Snap-Fit Visor to keep the sunlight from getting in your eyes.

The helmet has a great ventilation to offer alongside the shade from the sun which is good for riding without trouble. The price of this helmet is surely pleasing given the exquisite features.

Choose the best helmet from the list above and you will not be disappointed. Have a safe and pleasurable bike riding journey!