Best Lightweight Folding Bikes


Folding bikes have become quite popular lately. One of the major reasons is that they occupy little space and can therefore be taken anywhere, be stored in an apartment or taken on buses and trains for traveling.

The small size and portability are certainly not compromising the quality. Then there is also a difference of brands that matters when you buy yourself a folding bike for various brands may have amazing bikes with good features but their folding bikes might as well be a simple choice to make. You can also learn from the product reviews and recommendations that come in directly from people who have used the particular folding bike. There are so many factors that you can look into in order to decide on which bike will suffices all your needs.


Folding bikes are durable and perform well enough even when compared to regular bikes. They are super light which makes it easy to pack them up and take them on the go. There won’t be any problem in handling it in buses and trains. Lightweight products are most assuredly more convenient and create less burdens. Then there is the matter of space that these folding bikes occupy: it takes up a very small space. Especially if you are living in a small and cozy apartment, space is surely a concern so a folding bike is perfect for such users. When you feel like moving it, you can put it in the trunk and get going wherever you plan to travel. Every time you need to travel or simply take a pleasurable ride in the park, you can drive there yourself with the bike in the trunk of your car and voila! Enjoy bike riding at the ideal place. Your bike is certainly your perfect companion to experience such enjoyment.

A lightweight will not let you compromise on security alongside durability. Of course, there are cyclists who are conscious about these 2 factors but most folding bikes meet their expectations perfectly and are comparable in terms of conventional bikes in matters of stability and quality.


  1. Dahon MU Uno

Dahon is definitely the market leader today. The MU Uno by this brand is certainly the simplest of the folding bikes which is also super light as it has 20-inch wheels. It is a single-speed bike whose weight is so light that you will have no difficulty carrying it single-handedly as it weighs only 22 lbs.. The design is quite exquisite and attracts many. The components incorporated in the making of this bike are high-quality with a frame so robust that it surely is quite a durable buy. You can either use a hand-brake lever if you are having discomfort in getting used to the coaster brake.

It is a top recommendation by bike enthusiasts today and is absolutely affordable.

  1. Dahon Speed Uno

Another amazing addition to the folding bikes it this bike that weighs barely over 24 pounds and has a rear coaster brake installed. The Dahon Speed Uno is a reliable bike with a gorgeous design and single speed that falls amongst the most comfortable bikes when it comes to using it as an everyday commuting bike - even for campers.

It is a lightweight bike that is amongst the best sellers in the U.S. and comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Retrospec Speck SS

This bike is the latest addition to the single speed bike. It has features that are a lot similar to the Dahon Speed Uno. They are the same size and weight but only Retrospec Speck SS makes it a winner in terms of price. Also, it has a variety of colors to choose from which makes it a winner here too.

It is the lowest-priced bike available with the features as good as this. The bike gets a lot of positive reviews and is recommended a lot.

  1. Dahon Vybe C7A

The Dahon Vybe C7A is one of the most popularly selling bike that weighs 25.26 lbs and folds faster than 15 seconds of total time. With quite a modern design, this is a new addition to the Dahon bikes which comes with 7 gears and a hand-welded frame. To ensure smooth turns even on the sharpest of the curves, the bike is equipped with Dahon Neos rear derailleur which provides superior ground clearance as well.

  1. Brompton S1E / S1E-X

The Brompton S1E is a great folding bike that is so lightweight that its total weight comes up around 22.4 lbs. The S1E-X, however, has a titanium fork equipped with a rear frame and weighs only about 22 lbs in totality. It has been manufactured in the UK and allows the bike to be folded in a very compact size which is super easy to carry just about anywhere you like to with great ease. The folding itself takes a bit of the effort but once you are done, it becomes a piece of cake to commute with it in a bus or train or simply put it in the car trunk and move about. The bike also features a saddle that has adjustable heights and folding pedals.

  1. Dahon IOS S9

This model of Dahon, launched in 2014, has no competition whatsoever when it comes to its weight and fabulous design. It uses 24 inch wheels which are great for longer and comfortable rides. Alongside all the amazing features, there is absolutely no compromise in the weight of this bike and then there’s the speed that it provides which is likeable by bike enthusiasts. Although it’s bigger in size but it sure is quite lightweight which seems quite contradictory to its size.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the bike also features a disc brake to ensure stopping power in any road and weather conditions. The bike is quite durable and being lightweight is perhaps one of the best features of this popular bike despite all the hefty features.

This is one of the most amazing choices you can ever make when it comes to going for a bike with superior performance. A concern could be that it is priced high but it is just about right for the worth it has and the features it consists of. Also, there is a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from.

Folding bicycles are certainly the fad today. There are many reasons for their popularity which includes their cost-effectiveness, light-weight, portability, space-saving, usefulness and the innovation it offers. As the fuel price is on the rise, folding bikes are the best mode of transportation you can make use of that are environment-friendly and certainly able to keep you fit and healthy.