Folding Bike: The History


Folding Bike: The History

Bikes have been around us, residing in a busy world we live since the 19th century. And it won’t be wrong to say that there are twice as many bicycles as there are cars.

Perhaps the best feature of the bikes is that they are smaller, much more compact and are easy to store as they occupy less space. Simply fold it and store it anywhere. The folding bikes are certainly very light and easy with the maneuverability that it is a moment of pride and rejoice for the owners every time they do so. Takes little time and very little effort.

Reasons they have been around from the 19th Century

The early designs of the modern folding bikes have come from the similar designs of the early bikes available, this is a known fact to all. As large cities have been running out of space and time to do a lot of effort of storing the bike somewhere, they grabbed the folding bikes first thing. All of Europe, Asia, United Kingdom and North America turned out to be few of the many countries who have taken full advantage of the invention of folding bikes. There’s this bike that can be folded easily and carried along anywhere like a baggage or in a subway, what else could be better than this? The brands who have seen this as an opportunity are selling these bikes as best sellers today. Also, when it comes to tourism, those countries offering bike rides are preferred more by the tourists.

Uses of folding bikes in the 19th Century

  • A medium of transportation for wage workers (factory workers)
  • Best utilization in exercise and recreation
  • A toy for children
  • Assisting the Police and even the Military to navigate easily in the traffic
  • Couriers
  • Purpose of racing

The bikes are a lot more than just easy medium of transportation. When women were allowed to voting rights back in the late 19th century, women bike riders also increased. It has also greatly affected their dressing styles which would allow for a smoother ride than the ones that can mess around. This also became a reason to lessen the wear of long skirts and corsets. The British War efforts during the time of World War II were also aided by the use of folding bikes. Normandy landings utilized these as they arrived with allies on these bikes. Paratroopers also make use of these bikes in jumping off merely carrying these lightweight bikes.

Courier services became a lot more efficient by all means with the use of these bicycles as items were delivered a lot faster with these by the time of late 19th century. A six-day bicycle race back in the 19th century started off to test the endurance of the bikers. Although it allowed for no sleep to check the overall endurance but the riders took their time sleeping and chose to ride when they deemed fit. There are a lot of stories coming all the way from 19th century that they seem to be never ending, thanks to the folding bikes, lives were made a lot easier. As people continue to make use of this environmental friendly practice and love biking as a result, there will be latest versions coming in for this amazing find.

Factors to consider when choosing a folding bike

  • They are super lightweight and very easy to store just about anywhere. Don’t be fooled by the size, for the smallest cannot always be the most versatile. Special suspensions are a good way to find bikes with frame’s design that can make the smaller wheels turn around well. When you are riding in a rough, uneven terrain, watch out for those potholes.
  • Choose from a list of popular folding bikes that is currently available. Many at time people consider a certain liking for particular bikes, they sure have their reasons. A tangible reason for their popularity may be a bit difficult to find but there are many pleasing owners that are inspired by the folding bikes.
  • The purpose for which you are buying a folding bike matters. Do you plan to go on mountainous areas riding this bike? Do you merely plan to use it for exercise or a twice a week ride in the park? Is it a simple bike you seek or special features you are looking for?
  • Affordability and pocket friendliness. The folding bike certainly allows for affordability if you plan to buy a mere simple one. Even if it’s a set of features you are looking in for, make sure it matches your intended purpose and your pocket.

As long as people continue to love it, the manufacturers will continue to create folding bikes more often. The newer versions better and a lot more compact than the previous ones. This is certainly a good invention and most of the population in the world think so too.